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Re: The House of Pain

"I do the same as Arikawa Sensei and all the best teachers I have known. I don't give the attacker a choice. I always take the attacker's centre. I always break the attacker's balance. So the whole question of pain is just not relevant."

Excellent synopsis of why your aikido is what it is. I am in total agreement. Congratulations on reaching the essense of Bushi no Nasake. Your students are most fortunate indeed.

I wrote elsewhere that, in a private lesson with Arikawa Sensei, he not only failed to deliver any pain, he relieved me of an elbow misalignment I received from, of all people, Kisshomaru Doshu.

I do believe in pain as a truthful indicator of how the training is progressing, and as a marker to remember against future repetitions of that day. Otherwise, it is to be avoided whenever possible, realizing that it is not always possible. Then, character, and being goal oriented, helps a lot.

Thanks Niall, for delivering great posts on relatively untreated but vital concepts of training, and of life.
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