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Mario Tobias
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Re: The House of Pain

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Dear Mario,
Item 3;Why complain after the damage has been done?If someone roughs you up , its up to you to
take action to protect yourself.No point in being a victim.The saying do unto others what they do to you but do it first seems to fit the bill. Any body who accepts getting deliberately turned over by some guy is stupid in my book.Accidents can and do happen during training, but somebody going out to really injure someone is a different ball game.Cheers, Joe
Dear Joe,

I am just saying as uke, you have a right to tell nage if it's too much for you to handle or that he is too rough. You do encounter higher belts who are ego trippers who like to show off their techniques but disregard safety of the uke. Often people just clam up and take what is given to them until it's too late. This doesn't work for me since I tell nage to ease up. You only have one body and you need to protect it at all times. I have a different mindset that all accidents are preventable.
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