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Michael Neal
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Re: Aikido/Martial Arts Photography and Filmmaking

Jose Sicurella wrote: View Post
Great Photos ,
love the lighting in the portraits.
What camera and lens are you using ?
I would love to be able to take those shot but I need to thing.
1. Your camera and skills
2. Not to train and take photos (This is really hard for me)

I'm lucky enough that my instructor allows me to video all his classes, I've only just been getting around to editing them.

What do you use for slow motion, I've been looking for a while for a video camera that does High Def slow Motion , but can't seem to find anything affordable.

I used a Canon 7d and the 17-55mm f2.8 lens. For slow motion I shoot most of the footage at 24p and then for slow motion clips I shoot 60p and put into the 24p timeline, then adjust to playback rate of the clip. You just need a camera that can shoot 60p which gives you enough frames to look good slow.
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