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Re: Form does not equal function aka The Shape of Aikido

hi Mark, I hear you but I have some questions..

We also know that he changed Daito ryu's training paradigm of bring opponent in and down at one's feet for break/kill to projecting the opponent outward.
How do we know this? Pins not part of OS's Aikido ? Plenty of footage of the old man applying seated pins, standing pins.. at his feet. There are also videos of him doing multi-man randori where he casts everyone off. I was taught the same, with the rationale that you dont have a chance if you focus on one enemy alone. Does Daito Ryu have multi-man randori in their practice , I mean not the demos where everyone grabs on, but the kind seen in Aikido videos all over?

Wasnt it part of the same grip story, that the recipient of the grip was there to learn "Aikido's Ukemi" which was considered worth learning by the Kodokan folks?



Alfonso Adriasola
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