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Re: Dan Harden's PA Seminar

Hi Greg,
Thanks for the post. And for the kind words.

re: better living through chemistry; my intention is pure and i no longer seek my spirit animal. I found out it was a hedgehog; and it all fell into place. : ]
The robitussin is purely medicinal.

With the physical portion, you can see and/or feel if the spine is straight or the hips are forward. However, you can not see where someone's mind is - of course, if they are doing it right, you can see or feel the effects of it. But if they are not doing it right, how do you tell them to do it right can only approach it indirectly. (!) And in just this way it does and will continue to remain hidden in plain sight. So much of this existence's deeper reality is hidden in exactly this way. In physics we had a phrase .. "sneaking up on the problem"; when it did not yield to a direct approach/assault. I am also reminded of a (para-)phrase: "Who can know the heart of a man?"

specially the mental projection for the cones of influence outside your body that Dan mentioned about in weapons use.
re: cones
Well I know of rods and cones; but that is not the type of vision or perception i think you're talking about. This is the first I have ever heard of what you two mention; so it shows how little I know. I'll keep my eyes and ears pealed. Frankly; I was a bit taken aback by those two last mentions of the importance of perception of the IP/aiki. I am one of those whose (poor) model of it is embedded fully and completely in the *physical* body. Certainly the mind and spirit are *in* the body (to one degree or another); and these factors must be central; but I did think of it primarily as a *bodily* training. The yi leads the qi of course..but a body effect. I didn't anticipate that; nor do i understand what you mean. but frankly; i do believe you that it cannot be typed out. so no worries there. i'll take it as a 'heads up'.

What you wrote reminds me of this; and I'm not sure why:
Mary Heiny wrote:
While training with Hikitsuchi Sensei in Shingu in 1973 he told me that Osensei used to talk about how Aikido nurtured or developed human life. He then said 5 words, KI-IKU, CHI-IKU, TAI-IKU, TOKU-IKU, JOSHIKI. He said these were the five areas Aikido practice developed, that each of us needed to "grow up"
in the area of understanding KI, to increase our knowledge and wisdom through study and experience, to strengthen and purify our bodies, to understand ethical behavior and to be socially skilled.The practice of Aikido would help us in all these areas if we practiced sincerely with the intent to help
I believe that a lot of people just think that the 'internal' aspect of IS is learning the internal body moments - although that is part, I think the true meaning of 'internal' is related to how you can personally internalize the coordination of your mind with your body.
i am one that you mention in the first part of that. I didn't know. Would love to know more about the latter; but i understand it doesn't translate well over the web. No worries.

To me this is the spiritual side of the equation and it does not have any thing to do with religion or other personal beliefs - it is the development of your spirit within your body that you learn to project to control yourself as well as others around you.
That is very interesting. Thank you for sharing. I will have to think about how you wrote it; but it sounds almost like pointing a mastery of emotion, and how it rouses (or can be used to manipulate) the body.
Don't know if that's what you were driving at....but I recall once reading that some of the stuff is likened to a man learning how to play his nervous system like a musician plays an instrument. That could be way off base; but that is what popped into mind.

it is the development of your spirit within your body that you learn to project to control yourself as well as others around you.
Well; I can understand mastery of self. (to a point).
Can intellectualize control over subtle skills; queues; and mastery over mis-direction/trickery; but I think there is another side to this for a lot of people.. (not saying it's you guys! okay!?)
I wonder if this is a launching point for self-delusion in people. You know there are a lot of people that try to manipulate reality with willpower alone. (For instance: this is the heart of the 'commercial success' of a book called 'The Secret'; which I find to be a misdirection in thee highest order) I do not know what you are talking about for sure; and in fact; i don't think it's this; but manipulation of material reality with willfull self is the highest-law of the world's second oldest religion..
Also; it reminds me of how someone mentioned how Ushiro taught about the (importance of) eyes; and the lack of consensus; and just what is being pointed to. I don't know.
Personally; I have become wary of delusion with things concerning perception; for with 'training of the mind/spirit' the thing are effecting the very instrument that keeps you grounded and keeps you tethered to what 'normal' is. Put simply ; if that 'instrument' becomes catastrophically/erroneously miscalibrated; who can say where it will take you? You certainly will be the last to know. (/rant)
/random thoughts.
robitussin. fnord.

anyway; thanks so much for all the interesting discussion; i feel like an oaf who's making a scene in a guys are the show; but it is so damn interesting; you'll have to forgive me for sticking my neck out and opening up my yap. i'll try to keep it down.
All the best,

p.s. Your website is very interesting and has some great launching off points. Thanks!
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