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Re: Dan Harden's PA Seminar

Allan Featherstone wrote: View Post
Sounds like it was a very good event. Wishing you every success in passing on IS/IP skills to others. If you were teaching near me i would definately want to attend.

The Taiji teacher wouldn't happen to be Liu Chengde by any chance? I am thinking of heading down to Jinan next summer to study with him or his gongfu brother Li Chugong if they'll accept me.

all the best
Hi Allen
Nah I aint much. Your better where you're at.

LCD. Yes it was. I've told this story here before.
We sort of went at it. he tested me then started loading into me whenever I powered into him. He was unloading all sorts of shoulder bombs and elbows leg sweeps, throws, and traps and I just evaded , absorbed and redirected and stopped them all. Sometime in the middle of all that the camera came out and his son started recording it. At the end of four long hours he invited me to come live with him in China to share his taiji with me. The most I got on him was when he tried to lock me up with this arm bar -I bounced him back with the power he was putting into me. Otherwise we just kept canceling out each other. Naturally I didn't use kicks or strikes. It was my first time ever doing freestyle push hands with a ICMA teacher and didn't know how far to take it.
From what I hear he goes to the parks and just takes on anyone and plays all the time. I will tell you that his spirit was huge his charisma filled the room. I had a sense that he was a great and kind man. I also found out he taught two of Sagawa's men during a decade long teaching stint in Japan
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