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Re: Dan Harden's PA Seminar

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
I also think this is one of the key separation points between men who a) dabble in "internal power" for health and curiosity, b) others who only practice within "fixed arts," and c) those with decades of experience in using IP/ aiki in freestyle fighting- which is a rare skill.
there is no easy way, huh?

May I ask you a question?
This is in light of how rare a skill it is to find an IP/aiki MMA fighter/and/or coach.

Did you have a good enough base in the internals and then hone your craft in the live setting? Like...alll alone? Or did you have an R&D department backing you up (i.e. where you kept your drawing board)? And people that could help coach/correct/inform?

So; considering branching out and testing the IP/Aiki you have built up in your body:
Is there a point at which you go out and test?
Or do you suggest concurrently?
How to make the decision?

Maybe one day there will be MMA gyms that can teach it all.
That would be pretty cool.

Take care,
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