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Re: Dan Harden's PA Seminar

yes. the 'real thing' seems always to have this quality. anything other than the thing else.

"Because a) training this way is about as much fun as watching paint dry, b) the serious work takes years to learn, c) there is no rank or acknowledgment in it and d) people have no vision for their own future outside of rank and fun in the dojo!" e)"This just isn't for everybody. Most just want to fit-in."
Here are some throwaway comments from the peanut gallery:
a) makes me wonder how the first guys ever stayed the course long enough to know it was worth it. There is the internal compass mentioned...that tells you that you are growing stronger, more aligned, balanced and 'bodily-free', isn't there?
b) Is the serious work in doing (a) for a long time and listening internally...following... 'the course', once you find the way to train? (i.e. just following the consequences of the body changes) Or, as I suspect, an actual syllabus of body training (knowledge and testing)? i guess if you ask secret ninjas about their secret techniques you will be deafened by the silence. (and/or poked in the eyes)
c) no rank=approval from others? but the value is felt in your body, isn't it?
d) ? Vision for the future? - you mean like having an actual method to stop and even reverse the 'normal'/'expected' mechanical deterioration of the body? I am just guessing.
e) fitting in? you mean like just nodding along and following others (the established 'normal') as a pattern? 'Not for everybody'...well MA is not for everybody...but from what I hear; it sounds like 'this' must be for every MAartist. Like Chi'imed posted a while back...the analog being the singer/vocalist who seeks to have perfect pitch (sorry ;couldn't find the very well written post) it is the MA who seeks to make a 'slide-rule' type precision instrument out of their body. (Sorry if I butchered the quote..i don't have the book here).

Like I said...just some thoughts from the peanut gallery.
thanks for the responses. you guys are really lucky.
have fun.
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