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Re: Mike sigman's internal strength parameters- Have you guys read this; really!

Hey Keith, Thanks for that post. I respect your position.

When I first started training with an Internal Chinese Martial artist, lot's of the things he would show, seemed pretty amazing, then he would show me how to do it. And a few weeks later, I could do it, not as well mind you, but I could do it. He also took the time to explain to me what was going on in the larger athletic fields, showing me that the kinds of things he was showing were being used all over the place.

If you went to play football with a pro team, the things they would do would blow you away, you would feel like they were not even human. They are "just athletes" but because of the skill difference they seem amazing. However you can learn to do all the same things they can, at your level, by simply training in football.

To me there seems to be an underlying idea that if you learn "IP" you're going to have a mysterious power that almost no one else has. Now I'm sure some of this is my own projections, because this was me for awhile. The universally useful things you learn in "IP" are found in many athletic approaches. When I see things like, only so-and-so has "IP". It sounds silly to me. If we use the word "athletic ability" in place of "IP" we can see how silly that sounds- ONLY so-and-so has athletic ability. We can clearly see that doesn't make sense.

Now saying something like only some people are good at tennis, that makes sense, and we all know it to be true. Only some people are good at doing "Jin demonstration" this to is correct as well. Skill specific things will certainly favor some and not others. People who train skills will be better at them then others. If you want to learn how to fight, you should train with people who are skilled at fighting, training with people who don't fight, even if they have great athletic ability won't give you more fighting skill. If you want to improve your athletic ability (body skills), you could train with lot's of different people, no one person has all the ability.

If you want to learn "jin demonstration" I agree you should go to a specialist, so for example, Mike here is a specialist in jin demonstration, if you're into that, you should probably check him out. But you have to understand that being good an jin demonstration is not going to make you a better tennis player. If you want to play tennis, the people who have that best figured out, are already doing it, go see them. Same with fighting, my CMA teacher is now the head coach for a professional MMA team, he is not doing that because he's good at demonstrating jin, he's doing that because he learned about MMA.

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