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Re: "Don't use strength!"


Everyones given some good advice, but a simple tip for improving as you are, right now with no major stress is not to listen to sempai whilst you're practising usual aikido, but understand that only they can feel what you do. They'll often have you focus on one little point and it doesn't always help but don't go fast to show that you can do things well...that's a big common mistake.

The big question is who are you practising with... are they strong?, stiff? weak? flexible? are there women in the dojo? kids?

Big guys usually instinctively feel strong but right now if there are kids in the dojo they will probably be better than you and everyone else at aikido ^^ I don't say that to offend but you have to feel that way as it's usually true. They are better designed for big muscles, no expectations. So when I can I often go find a kid to practise with..or a women who is quite flexible and will give ukemi without just falling over. Others will disagree with this but in a natural state if you want to practise without using muscle strength this can really help. Always practise with the strong and well you'll just be a hero ^^ (man will people be wanting to get me for

Basically if you imagine painting a wall and your hand just stops, thats the feeling you should have and no more : ) I hope this helps


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