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Re: Does Modern Aikido Teach Enlightenment?

I haven't forgotten this thread. Been busy with other things.

Quick post ...

When IP/aiki (just a reference to a historical event. Please don't drag it into this thread. It deserves it's own) reared its head, quite a few people stated that aikido was also spiritual and that must be taken into account.

If you read the Voices of Experience thread, some believe aikido can be a path to enlightenment. In this thread, some confused the title (which was only a play on words from the other thread) with "teaching" enlightenment. Some didn't equate the two at all. Some don't know anything about the path to enlightenment even with years of training in aikido.

It is your own art that teaches it has a spiritual component. Just where do you think that ends? Goes toward?

I personally think Modern Aikido is not only a hindrance to a spiritual path, but takes one off that path altogether.
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