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Re: Does Modern Aikido Teach Enlightenment?

Hello Chris Pakerson and greetings. I hope this finds you well.

The Founder was not fond of competition as I understand. For the Founder if I understand his legacy correctly was a means of violence. Competition was mock violence with a winner and a loser resembling actual combat. Randori isn't a contest as I see it. It isn't framed as a combat of winners and losers. I see randori as a exercise, an alternative means to a competition, it is sparing, a free-style practice. There is no victory or loser in declared randori. All involved is helping to polish each other's skills. That is the way it works for me.

Some people see no difference between randori and a contest. The external observation when looking at both things there is equal violence. Internally the mind sets are not the same. Randori effects the individual's perspective and psyche differently than a contest where two people try and beat the other with all they got. Those in close contact sports tend to be very aggressive, like football linemen, boxer's, hockey players and others. I don't know anyone who walks away from randori and feeling victorious, yelling "(I) or (we) kicked asses all over the place, YEAH!" Most people come out enlightened.

It is always greatly appreciated to be able be here and express thoughts for others to share.

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