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Amir Krause
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Re: your number one technique

Chris Hein wrote: View Post
You use the technique the fits the situation. You can't force any one technique into a random situation. That wouldn't be "Aiki".
As far as I have seen in Randori (Korindo style -very close to sparring), I tend to use a different technique depending on the partner. I get into different situations with different people, and as a result utilize different techniques.
The interesting point is that a very small number of techniques tends to be used in the same Randori (particular partner), even though multiple attacks and timing situations exist in it (a common randori in our dojo lasts over 5 minutes, and includes a few dozens of encounters of which about half end in a technique, or a counter technique). Then on the next Randori, another group of a few techniques, which may not overlap, is being used more commonly.

I do not have "real life experience", but, if I assume the Randori is indicative, I would have to agree with Chris - the technique I precieve at that very moment to be best suited to the situation.

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