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Andrew Macdonald
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your number one technique

with all the discussion that come up about "how effective is aikido?" or "does this really work?" what are your guy number on techniques for using

I mean using out of the dojo, either if you are playing with a person from another style or actually fighting

for me, out of my aikido arsenal i would take irimi nage, i find it fast, effective and most importantly versitlie, i can change the size of the movement from very large to very small (very small is where i would want to be using it most of the time but that is a point for another thread) also it is easy to throw in a knee or a strike during the technique

so what would you use from your aikido arsenal, and can we keep it real here, i know that aikido has alot of breathing and ki extension techniques that people love to use as a get out of jail free card in questions like this. but can we actually talk about practical techniques
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