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Re: Been There, Done That Attitude

Mark Freeman wrote:
I come up with some really odd images, but hey it's an art I can afford to be creative. My teacher did the same for me and I found it really helpful then and still do now.
He also said don't live to practice aikido, practice aikido to live, which seems like the same advise that your sensei is offering. It's hopefully a long haul to the end of your life, aikido is a fantastic art to practice, but good balance is part of aikido practice, so good balance in life is good aikido, no?
I know what you mean about the odd images; My Sensei also does some work each year with the Titans rookie class when they come to training camp so we come up with football analogies, baseball analogies, and then some others as well in explanations sometimes and as weird as they sound at times they just "click" and the light goes on.

You're absolutely right about practice Aikido to live, don't live to practice Aikido. I know I need to keep the proper focus; I'm just in a stage right now where I feel like a huge sponge and I'm trying to soak up all the knowledge I can.

Thanks for the advice.

Harmony does not mean that there are no conflicts,
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