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Mike Sigman
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Re: Been There, Done That Attitude

Raul Rodrigo wrote:
There's a trick I learned from my sensei who studied a bit with Shingo Nakao. You're in seiza. A standing uke pushes with both hands on your shoulders. Somehow you have to relax and reroute his push 90 degrees so that it goes straight into the ground and you remain relaxed and upright. No leaning forward or pushing back. I can do the trick, but it doesnt really mean much of anything yet. It has yet to permeate the other parts of my waza. Its like the scent of something great, but I have not had the chance to take it any further. Some day....
So let's analyse it. Instead of resisting the push with your upper-body/shoulders, you allow the "resistance" to come from where your folded legs are touching the mat. Because if you resist with your upper body, it just becomes a lever that uke is using to break the connection between your knees and the mat. So you want your "resistance" to be as low to the ground as possible (hey.... like "sink your ki"!). All you need from the upper torso is the "connection" from the push at your shoulders down to the mat... what you need to do is practice imagining that there is a direct line from uke's shoulders to where your legs meet the mat and relax any muscles/effort that is not needed to keep that relationship valid.

If you begin to understand that and use in in all motions, you begin to keep your ki sunk at all times.


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