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Re: Been There, Done That Attitude

Mike Sigman wrote:
I never say anything, but it's those people who think they're already "been there, done that" who are slitting their own throat. For the rest of us, it tends to be a "wow, there's a myriad of things we can do with these skills" start to an exciting and fun new world. I just hate to see people miss a fun trip for the wrong reasons or I wouldn't have said anything.
Hi Mike,
it is their loss for them to find out or not at a later date. For those of us willing to use these skills as a basis for the start of a jouney, then our trip is going to be different (much different).

I am not involved in open workshops, so don't have the same experience as you of participants bringing their own 'stuff' in with them, but I have worked in corporate training and used some of the ki development exercises as 'metaphors' for discussing the model that we are looking at at that time. I am always amazed at how un co-ordinated the general population are, outside of the 'martial arts' setting. They had nothing to prove and no reason to challenge, so they just accepted what we did as a useful and a fun way of approaching the issue. Some were even inspired to start practicing themselves.

I guess you are enjoying your journey as much is I am


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