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Re: Been There, Done That Attitude


A very valid point and observation that you pulled out of "The thread that never ends, it just goes on and on my friend" ... lol

I totally agree with you in the context you brought it up (hopefully Mark will chime in here as well) and think Mark will as well. In the overall context of his message though I read it that he was using the "been there done" that ki exercise analogy to state if that was all Dan had to offer in his class it was no big deal. I don't get the feeling personally at all that this is the way that Mark views ki training.

I'm still personally really focusing right now on moving from the center all the time myself. As I'm out and about I try to focus on opening doors and things like that from my center as opposed to the old way of grab the handle and jerk. Does anyone else have any other specific ideas, exercises, etc that you would be willing to share to help in ki development, center movement, etc.

I'm fortunate in the fact that my job allows me enough freedom to get in some training exercises while I'm at work so I also occasionally bring in a bokken or jo and do some work, sit in seiza and meditate for 10-15 minutes a couple of times a night, and of course get in a healthy dose of aikiweb.

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