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Re: verbal abuse from a teacher

Wow, there's so many replies already... Thank you, all!

Ahmad Abas wrote: View Post
But ARE you an idiot, dumb and should be ashamed of yourself?
Other people around me don't seem to think so. They think exactly the opposite and I know that they are good, honest people. Of course, Sensei tells me that every single one of them is lying to me and he is the only one that cares for me that's why he's the only one telling me the truth.

Mark Gibbons wrote: View Post
"He tells me that I have to believe him, and never discuss his ill decisions with other students." If that's really happening I'd leave, right now.
Yes. He said that discussing my opinion of his actions is like betraying him and he wants me to be loyal, otherwise I get another one of those lectures about my personal flaws.

Lynn Seiser wrote: View Post
Please make sure that what you are perceiving/defining as abuse is not just old school discipline.
I went to Police Explorers Academy where TAC officers yelled us at from 7am to 10pm for 5 days straight. For some odd reason, it did not hurt nearly as much as Sensei's remarks. I've also read about verbal abuse and 95% of the typically abusive phrases I have heard from Sensei and more than once.

Simon Kirk Sørensen wrote: View Post
You'r so far out you can't even see how harmful it is to you, but I assure you I can (and others around you). Do something about it now!
Yes, in the beginning I always assumed that Sensei, being an authoritative figure, was right and I was the bad kid. Luckily, my school teacher saw the sudden loss of confidence in me, which I myself couldn't see. She coined the phrase "abuse", because it has never even occurred to me that that's what it was.

Judging from the many responses in here, perhaps it really is time for me to find another dojo... Thank you everyone for your responses! I only quoted and commented on some of them since many were recurring.
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