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Re: Religious Restrictions on Training

dAlen wrote:

So in short, it always has amazed me of the people going somewhere and then try to claim discrimination when they knowingly went into something culturally different then they are used to.
Kinda like buying cheap land at the end of a runway, building houses then complaining that the airplanes make too much noise for the community.

Personally, I feel we would do good to drop a lot of our notions we cling to... Im not saying either way what I would do as I dont know because Im not in that situation to see how things fit.
I was just talking to this with my wife last night about how apparent it is to me now working with people and all the baggage they bring onto the mat or studio. In most cases they are not even aware of it as they have no reference point or awareness of it. If they "let go" well what are they letting go of? Also, it can be a scary thing to abandon what had provided you security, comfort, and habits.

Not an easy task, but I agree.

If I do open a dojo it would probably be word of mouth anyway and not a free for all... for me there would be the dynamic of who I would want to teach. Is that bad? It may sound snobbish, but at the same time I dont want to make the time for the number of people that typically come in and then leave after a month or so of Aikido... as well as peoples goals and aims, etc.
I think it depends on how you approach it. I would be open to anyone that wants to train, but they must listen to me, not waste my time, and try to do things my way.

It is also a luxury that is hard to afford for most folks that need to stay in the green sometime. Or at least that is the preception.

How do you maintain your ideals and standards of excellence while keep folks in the dojo. I have my ideas in this area. I think there are some good ways to have it both ways.

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