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Re: why do people search outside Aikido for IS?

I think that nobody really knows Aikido but me. I don't think that anybody's opinion is valid except mine. This is what I hear in these posts. Internal Strength is very important. It is not the only thing in Aikido that is important. There are a myriad of principles that make up the art of Aikido. What O Sensei was doing was, and continues to be, a mystery to those who trained with him and to those who train in the art today. Anyone who thinks they have it figured out is kidding themselves. Further, Aikido is individualistic and each person must develop it in his/her own fashion for his/her own purposes. No one will ever be like O Sensei. He was O Sensei. No one will ever be like anyone else.

I like to play trumpet. I used to make a living doing so. But the gossip, backbiting, bickering and judgmental attitudes finally got to be too much. Now I teach kids trumpet. I like it and so do they. Aikido should be this way. We need to avoid pronouncing ourselves and our opinions regarding any aspect of the art to be superior to those of others. We need to train more and argue less.

Is Dan Harden an Aikidoka? I don't know. Does he have knowledge and teaching skills that help others? From what I understand he does. Shouldn't that be the end of it? Dan's teaching and skills are his and those who benefit from them are fortunate. What is the need for he said/she said arguments.

I think that most of this has been said before but I just couldn't help myself.

Peace through Ai Ki

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