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Cool Re: Article: Clarity and Self-Delusion in One's Training by George S. Ledyard

Andy Russo wrote:
"I myself do *not* practice Aikido" -- Robert Fortune, November 11 2005Good article George. Keep it up.

And I learn quick Mr. Russo. And as I have been learning I realize there is much in Aikido which I already know, and quite a bit more that isn't in Aikido or if it is, it hasn't survived the translation from Japanese into (US) English.

*I* make the effort to understand things beyond going to a gym and working out on others. A wild ape can do that naturally. If you or anyone else here cares to disagree with me I'll be more than happy to watch you go into a cage with that wild ape and we'll see who's the better of the two of you Mr. Russo. My money's on the ape.

It's plainly obvious to me that Mr. Ledyard is basically winging it (at least in that article and moreso in his reply to me). Whether this is Mr. Ledyard's SOP I can't say, but it all there in black and white print for anyone to read this thread and decide for themselves.

For the sake of agreeing that you boys deserve a peaceful safe place to play in, I'll be right enough to stay out of this little safe place you've set up for yourselves to play in. Have fun budo-boys!

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