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Re: Spiritual and i/p

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Let's not make the mistake of assuming that these two explanations cover all cases of high ranking teachers who no longer post. Likewise, let's not make the mistake of assuming that anytime someone refuses a challenge to "put up", it's because they don't have the goods. Unfortunately, it seems like this assumption is all too often made in these debates. There are many reasons why someone might choose to not "come out and play"; fear/expectation of failure is only one of them.
Sure, Mary. I can agree with that.
I would only start to doubt when they; chose to be a part and then not take part, make declarative comments and then refuse to support them.
There is an inconsistency in that, that only triggers warning signals. When I think of Spirituality and IP and the whole man (man/woman), it usually delivers decisiveness, courage, and a surety that can be quite defining and often dividing. When one claims one thing, but everything else is missing, I think of a poor man, putting on someone else's expensive suit and pretending.