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Re: Spiritual and i/p

I thought Mar Malmros's post was a fair assessment of things. I keep hoping for peace in the house, but it's rather foolish to think you are going to get a fairly large group of people... who are not only passionate, but have taken ownership of their training/passion and expect them to all agree on the conclusions or methods.
There is no way to avoid the fact that certain conclusions that have been reached by some, are going to fly in the face of the conclusions of others, some of whom don't even think there are any relevant standards that should apply.
Only a certain type of person will put their conclusions/training out there to be tested-on any level-video or in person. The exposure to scrutiny would reveal all, and they would lose what little voice they thought they had. I've no issue with Graham, his videos have been appraised by any number of people around the world. Whether he likes it or not, the results have not been good, and the level of accomplishment/experience and ability implicit in his tone when he writes is simply being "called on" by just about everyone around the world here....BUT... Ron and Mary. I don't know what that says, but it is why he has come under fire so much. I also found it very interesting in that when it happened to me, it was not only approved of, it was greatly supported by just about everyone here.
The difference?
I stepped up.

I think it is pretty hard to call yourself a victim when you put video after video out in front of a world of serious budoka, ask for discussion, make claims about what you can do, and then complain when both you and your views of budo are assailed by scores of professionals.

Spirituality and IP
There are some profound answers to be had regarding this interesting topic. I had a lengthy-multiple hours long- discussion with Bill Gleason over this very thing; encompassing historical precedent and personal journeys, trials and results. He and I have some conclusions of our own about transparency, being vital, and your soul/spirit/mind/ body being one and how that is accomplished from meditation through randori to produce a certain unshakable presence. There are definable source materials and practices to produce results.
I never share it publicly for two reasons.
a. It is personal and my results have been tested round the world
b. I don't want to debate it with someone with no palpable results yet it is deluded into thinking they have equal voice.

"Houston we have a problem...."
Many high ranking teachers no longer post because they have been called. Their teaching does not meet a standard, their knowledge and abilities revealed. They now avoid forums.
Other high ranking teachers no longer post because they have been called and their teaching does meet a standard, their knowledge and abilities revealed and desired. They now avoid forums because they are sick of being debated by pretenders.

Is the result a better place?
I do know that Aikiweb is very well known for a standard, and the quality of information/discussion and calling people on their B.S.. Is it making it better? Well, I recently learned Aikiweb has attracted readership from Shihan very close to Doshu, as well as the likes of Sam Chin and Chen Zhonghua for that very reason. That's saying something.
Budo people have been "called" for thousands of years. In the past they had no choice but to step up. The good news was that it silenced the voices of pretenders, leaving the purity of the arts to remain. Really, it is only the faint of heart who object. Budo, by its very nature must be strong, the process demanding and the results put to the test. Giving voice to a pretender is like the proverbial wanna be walking around with a scroll unearned and claiming expertise in swordsmanship. Eventually they were cut down.
Today the process can be kinder, but the results must be the same. Spirituality has always come at a price, so does IP and so does Budo. The discipline of each is not for the faint of heart.