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Re: Golden Center Aikido for your pleasure

Eric Winters wrote: View Post
Hello again,

I do not agree with most of what Tony Wagstaff and Graham Christian say but at least they had the balls to put video's up of themselves. There are a lot of people on aikiweb that ask for video of others but have never put their own up for everybody else to see and critique. If one is not willing to put up a video of themselves, then you should not ask it of others.
Yes, right. The linking of Tony and Graham is interesting too. What is it about them that causes so many people to lose their centre, their equilibrium and their common sense and to make judgemental and sometimes offensive remarks? I think it's a nice ability.

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
That doesn't make me put down any approach though. I admire all Aikido. They are all different and so they should be.
So Graham stays centred. Tony does too. Draw your own conclusions about their aikido.

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