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Re: Golden Center Aikido for your pleasure

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On coming to Aikiweb I thus discovered people were used to and wanted to see on screen ukes flying through the air, dynamic powerful looking demos, or instructional videos. Seems they can't look beyond that.
Therefore I said at the time that if I make some I shall post them.

However I act from purpose. My purpose is to show harmony not domination. In the past I used to not only tell people but show them and let them experience and thus give them choice. I would say this is 'whatever technique' samurai wise. This is the same technique buddhist wise. (my choice of terms)

Then I would ask which one they prefer, not only to have done on them but also to learn to do. The 'buddhist' way is what most chose for it is the one that blows their mind and speaks a thousand words. So why should I post videos that promote fighting or domination? There's plenty of them already and plenty, in fact the majority of dojos for them to go to. No shortage there.

Those who see something in my way, in what I show, learn and use it in life, in all manner of situations with great success. So why should I want those who see nothing in it? Obviously it's not what they are looking for.

There's nothing to prove.

I guess you have to internalize however you can do it. Samurai wise and buddhist wise may be the same thing depending on what time in Japanese history you are talking about. Buddhism has had it share of violent moments and still today in certain parts of Asia, some Buddhist sects are violent and even kill Christian missionaries. So be careful how you categorize. Can you send me a homepage of the Aikido dojo you practice KI at? Also what dan are you and in what specific style (because it is not pure KI Aikido)? I understand where you are coming from as far as harmony. However, in every Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido dojo I practiced in, this was the ultimate goal, however the end result of KI causing pain in the waza still existed (and will always). You can only transcend peace and harmony so far without the deeper understanding of KI breathing (misogi). How often do you do KI breathing exercises as prescribed by Tohei Sensei?

May God bless!


"Aikido can never truly bring peace without the full understanding and application of KI ".
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