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graham christian
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Re: Golden Center Aikido for your pleasure

Tim Ruijs wrote: View Post
What is displayed in these vids is most definitely not the way I practise, nor my teacher's.

I. simply. do. not. get. it. at. all.

When Graham says this is not teaching, just for fun, I am lost too. Where is the consistency in that?
Looks like you've all been having fun. That's good. I suppose if you all did get it, did understand, I would be confused so I'm glad you don't.

Tim, I didn't say this is not teaching it's just for fun. You're getting as bad as some others. Ha,ha.

The 'expert' opinions given as to effectiveness shows me those who do so obviously don't understand. Why they are upset by me saying this I don't know as it's self evident. They understand what they do but not what I do. Very simple.

Harmless, ultra effective. An unusual combination.

Have fun.G.
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