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Re: Video definitions, "Aiki" and other terms.

Hey Mark,
I like your plastic frame analogy. Explains why Ueshiba said that you must have kokyu before you can have "Aiki".

So we are also agreed then that structure and alignment are not "Aiki"? Perhaps a prerequisite, but not "Aiki".

I say "Aiki" has to do with understanding your opponents rhythms, putting yourself in sink with that, and using them against him. You say "Aiki" is What?

I can explain a "no touch" throw with my explanation of "Aiki" how would you explain it with yours?

Your latest video, we do a very similar exercise. I use it to develop sensitivity. I would explain what you are doing with Automatism and Sympathetic response. It comes from within but requires a sympathetic partner, not something you're likely to find in a martial situation.

I would like to hear more from the Ki society people (and all off shoots there of), and how they define "Aiki". And some videos!!