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Re: Bowing...

Xu Wenfung wrote:
Hi Miha,

I am Chinese, and I don't bow (in normal everyday activities anyway) and I have not heard of the above saying, maybe it is Japanese. The Chinese civilisation did bow/kowtow but then such practice became arcane since circa 1920; eversince China underwent a huge change in management (i.e. overthrowing of the Imperial Ching dynasty and founding of the Republic of China).

Just a piece of cultural policing.


Well, I was obviously misinformed. I once read the phrase above to be a Chinese proverb. I am aware of the recent Chinese history but I suspect the proverb is of an older date.

I find the proverb, be it Chinese or Japanese or whatever, very enlightening.

Nevertheless, I stand corrected and am much obliged for your insight. Thank you!
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