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Re: Bowing...

Ian Hurst wrote:

One could definitely argue this, even passionately - but then we'd have to take a side step into defining aikido and how you recognise it.
That's possibly true, but I think you need to look past the physical in order to define it. Kaiso was a very religious man, he formed this art influenced heavily by his beliefs. By it's own name, Aikido is a way, it is much more than physical form. The spiritual and philosophical aspects are inherrent to the way.

Ian Hurst wrote:
For me, physical practice is the only area where you can actually show whether you're truly practicing aikido or not -
I'll have to stay disagreed here . Practicing the physical only demonstrates the physical, it does not show that you are practicing the way.

Ian Hurst wrote:
I would argue the flip side in that if you're using aikido's philosophy in the world outside, you may be using some of the philosophical tenements of aikido, but you're not actually practicing aikido at that point.
I can see your argument .

Ian Hurst wrote:
No flames, just musings and eagerly awaiting the trouncing to come
No flame, nor trouncing .



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