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Michael and Ron, OK I admit, this subject has hit one of my "ON" buttons, so may have been more abrupt than was necessary, apologies for that.

However, while I can see where you're both coming from, my own experience of dojos where such behavior was fostered was entirely negative. I think this is because I have only seen this type of training emphasised in what are otherwise purely western dojos, so the traditional Japanese give and take between sensei and student with that attendant mutual respect (as I understand it) has been filtered through a different mindset.

It may be different in the US, but my feeling is that the UK still has enough of a class system to use this type of training as a means of promoting status, purely and simply, to the aggrandisment of the teacher while being to the detriment of the dojo.

Also, while I can understand people defending the use of menial tasks in the dojo as part of their training towards the philosophy behind aikido, I have to hold my hand up to being a total atheist on this. My own aikido practice (and interest) is limited to the physical, admittedly with it's emphasis on blending and non-escalation with regard to violence, but not as a path to live my life by, so our views will probably diverge quite dramatically.
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