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Ian Hurst wrote:
Michael, this could really spawn another thread as I view what you're describing as not only unnecessary, but can be detrimental to a students development, too open to abuse and the basis of many complaints against TMA in general. I think we'll have to leave it as a "agree to disagree" as I cannot forsee any common ground on this issue, only a potential focus for argument.

My reply to your post was meant to say that I did read the initial post and replied with my opinion of why bowing is essential to training by oneself or within a dojo. You insinuated - or perhaps stately plainly - that you thought I had not read the initial post carefully enough and I wanted to correct that misconception before others were influenced by your incorrect assumption.

I also suggested that you talk to others who have gone through similar training as I before dismissing my idea of training out of hand, which is what you did...quite forcefully.

Your posts - which I have learned to respect - are usually more based on your own experience and I was surprised that you had such a strong opinion when you categorically stated that you had never experienced such training and furthermore had no wish to.

I merely meant to point this out and suggest that there are others out there that might be worth talking to before forming opinions that have no basis in your own experience.

Personally, I have found value in the type of training I have done and that was the basis of both my initial answer and my follow-up explanation to Drew when he asked us about our opinion on bowing during one's own training, with a mat, in a gym somewhere.


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