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Demetrio Cereijo
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Re: What technique would you apply to neutralize Brazilian Jujitsu attacker

Igor Vojnović wrote: View Post
I did the same thing with the basic tripod sweep, saw it on youtube and did it in sparring. But the point is that my body was in that position a couple of times earlier and i just didn't know what to do. When i saw the video i thought to myself "I could try and do this.". The next time my body was again in the same position and this time i knew what to do and i did it. I had to at least see the video and be exposed to the technique like you in order for it to come to my mind.
See, no "muscle memory" needed. No need to endless kata repetition until the specific movement is ingrained.Mirror neurons working plus aliveness training leads to "Takemusu Jits".

I also agree with what he wrote but the fact is, without the correct muscle memory and repetition you simply can't advance in certain areas of your art. Your moves have to become automatic because only then can you achieve the true flow and you body can get familiar with all the aspects. Then you can perceive the true meaning of relaxation.
Well, let's agree to disagree for concepts like "muscle memory", "true flow" or "true meaning of relaxation" mean different things to us both, or so it seems.

Off course i forgot to mention that it also depends on what you want from your training.
In my case, JJ is a mere "technology of the self" in a, more or less, Foucaltian sense. I'm not really on tackling random aikido people in the streets.
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