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Re: Youtube: Kakari Geiko with Empty Handed and Weapons Techniques

Rupert Atkinson wrote: View Post
Ha ha. I had exactly the same thought about the twirl ... but overall it was a very good effort anyway. If they train like that everyday - then all good. It looks like a demo - people sat watching etc. Of course, the danger is people will say - it's not real. Well, of course it's not real. It is what it is. A fixed demo. I have seen far, far worse. Some people are fast to criticise - so what is real then? I would say - real would look very messy, for starters. Like Judo, or Tomiki Aikido - lots of shuffling - halfway working stuff, and then presto, a technique appears out of nowhere. Who trains like that in Aikikai? And if you put a vid out, they'd likely say - that's not Aikido!
I didn't say anything about ‘real' -- that's you own addition. Read carefully what I wrote. You misunderstood my comment. OP asked about opinions so I gave mine. Writing things like " oh my god it very good" gives him nothing to improve. I clearly identified a technical gap in his training, not it is up to him to close it. Or not.


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