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Re: Youtube: Kakari Geiko with Empty Handed and Weapons Techniques

Keith Larman wrote: View Post
I will offer one criticism, and this is one of my pet peeves. There's a section where one of the participants is "twirling" his bokken around like a baton twirling routine. "Flourishes" with the Japanese sword are rare. It reminds me of the western movie where the cowboy spins the gun on his finger before holstering it. Basically an invitation to shoot yourself or someone else accidentally...

Ha ha. I had exactly the same thought about the twirl ... but overall it was a very good effort anyway. If they train like that everyday - then all good. It looks like a demo - people sat watching etc. Of course, the danger is people will say - it's not real. Well, of course it's not real. It is what it is. A fixed demo. I have seen far, far worse. Some people are fast to criticise - so what is real then? I would say - real would look very messy, for starters. Like Judo, or Tomiki Aikido - lots of shuffling - halfway working stuff, and then presto, a technique appears out of nowhere. Who trains like that in Aikikai? And if you put a vid out, they'd likely say - that's not Aikido!

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