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Re: Online Decline?

Jun Akiyama wrote: View Post
I guess that's one place where we differ, Chris. I don't see the primary "value" in a website like AikiWeb being a place to house or exchange information but to have meaningful interactions with others in the world of aikido. These interactions will, of course, include the exchange of information, but the value that I see (and wish to continue to cultivate) is in being a part of a diverse, worldwide community of aikido practitioners.

That's why I've been very vocal here about conducting ourselves with respect within our discussions. If you (a generic you, not aimed at you, Chris, or anyone in particular) feel like you want to just disseminate information without thinking about and caring about the community, I'd suggest finding a different venue than AikiWeb to express your ideas. I would rather have a rich, diverse, and respectful discussion forum than one with rich information without such qualities of civil interactions.

Creating a community takes care.

-- Jun
Hey Jun,

My point was that it's the new information that tends to fuel community discussion - and therefore, interaction. Since old information is archived and available through search new discussion tends to wither after a time, I've seen that on a number of other message board type sites.

Of course, a constant influx of new people tends to ameliorate that, but it appears that the trend is towards newer people using other forms of interaction.



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