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Bronson Diffin (Bronson) wrote:
The trick, for me, is to just keep going.

The senior sempai in our dojo always tells us that it's when you're frustrated that you're learning new things.

I've found I'm excited that I keep screwing stuff up because that means something is changing, my body is trying to adjust to some new way of doing things...I'm learning something new, YEAH!

Couldn't agree more about just training where you are in at a peak or in a valley. Treat them both the sam, just train.

I, also, used to get frustrated a learning new things, because my ego wanted me to alwasy look good. Now, if I can already do it then I already know it, then I am not progressing. Its learning the new things, the things I can't do. that really excites me now and keeps me coming back for more.

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