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Nathan Plant
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Peaks and Valleys

Alright, so as a student of many things, I ought to know the answer to this. I figure that everything has it's "plateau" and several peaks and valleys in performance. The idea is that tomorrow's valley is higher than today's peak, I suppose. And when I say that, I mean in anything at which you aspire to excel - in this case, showing up to class.

My problem is that I've been training at a dojo only since September, and beginning in December, I haven't had the inclination to go to a class, so I haven't gone. Besides feeling a little guilty that I'm somehow letting my sensei down (which I know is just in my mind), I feel like I'm letting myself down. I enjoy aikido, and the underlying philosophies that various people have exposed me to, but I feel like I'm not "getting it."

Anybody else gone through this? Anyone got some suggestions on ways to shake myself out of this funk and get back in there?

Any opinions would be appreciated.


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