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The Red Tiger Shaolin Kung Fu Dialogue

Much of our dojo is made up of students from my university. A couple of times each year, all of the campus clubs and organizations put together a display table and put it up in our student center. This helps each club gain members or promote or whatever it is they do. So my club president and I were handing out flyers for our dojo and we came across the Red Tiger Shaolin Kung Fu Club table. My prez went up to grab a flyer and became immersed in an enlightening discussion about aikido. I'll call my president "Prez" and the Shaolin instructor (the frontman of the table) as "Superstar". Here's how the discussion went, paraphrased, but I'll try and be as accurate as possible. Also, I'm standing off to the side watching their promo video of sparring matches involving protective gear and two people that are afraid to hit each other.

Superstar: Hey, are you interested in trying out a martial art.
Prez: Sure, I'll take a flyer.

[my prez is approaching as any interested patron would, no sarcasm or anything like that]

Superstar: Great, can I just get your name...our flyers are expensive.

[and they did look expensive]

Prez: Sure. Hey, maybe if I come out and try one of your classes you can come out and try one of ours.

[a fair trade, no?]

Superstar: Really? What is it you take?
Prez: Aikido.

[now the conversation takes a new tone]

Superstar: I don't think you want to try one of our classes.
Prez: Why not?
Superstar: Well, if I were to come to your dojo, you'd find out that your style doesn't work.

[I like to call that one the 'money line']

Prez (amazed by the infallable logic): Well, if my style didn't work, then the people who made it would be dead, and there wouldn't have been able to teach it to anyone -- so obviously it does work.
Superstar: See, we don't do any of that twirling writsts crap. We just hit the guy.

[satisfied by the conversation, my prez leaves and I follow, enlightened]

Now, there is no doubt that most people see their martial art as 'the best' or as the most useful. But, isn't this the kind of talk you would expect from a student in the art?? This guy was an instructor. That part alone is what amazed me. Also, the things he told me took me by surprise..."so aikido doesn't work"....
Makes sense.

Hope you enjoyed my story.
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