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Greg Gross (aikigreg) wrote:
I don't see that he submitted at all. That was an underhanded bastardly thing to do, teaching him Aikido and making a friend like that.
The TKD man demanded that Dan teach him Aikido and Dan did exactly that. Obviously, then, he submitted to the demand. The only way to avoid submitting in this situation would have been to refuse to teach the man anything at all. Dan tried this approach initially but, in the face of the man's continued insistence, soon changed his mind. Take a look at what his exact words are at that point. "Realizing there was no way out of this," Dan says, he finally engaged the man. Those sound like the words of submission to me.

In this situation, submitting to the man resolved the conflict in an effective way. Dan did not emphasize this aspect of the situation in his article, but it is as least as relevant to Aikido practice in general as the other aspects that have been discussed.
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