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Opher Donchin (opherdonchin) wrote:
Do we really need the "shouldn't be doing AiKiDo language"? I always cringe when I read that. I mean, I know there are lots of things that make me feel that someone else shouldn't be doing AiKiDo, but it is almost always covering up a more interesting and less dismissive feeling that I'm having underneath.
Opher, the statement you are referring to was nothing more than a rhetorical device. I don't really mean that Edward shouldn't be doing Aikido. I was just making a point about how the view he expressed is, in my view, incompatible with Aikido practice.
Alfonso wrote:
that's strange, I didn't read fear into Mr. Messisco's story. I understand he's quite an accomplished aikido instructor. I think his handling of the situation is top rate instruction on the spirit of Aikido.
Alfonso, I never mentioned fear. Go back and reread my post. You should find that it agrees completely with your statement that he handled the situation in "the spirit of Aikido."

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