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Re: Golden Center Aikido for your pleasure

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Ah, I was wondering what videos Dan was referring to. Now I know.

All I can say is that it is pretty gutsy to post videos of what you do on these forums, knowing that people are likely to rip into them. I wouldn't post any videos of myself on here.
Not always true Robin. If you notice, rarely is anyone bothered when they are talking about cooperative practice, means and goals. It's straight up and honest.
Rather, it is the people here, who talk about their martial effectiveness or internal skills with aiki and then you watch their videos, I honestly think that some people are delusional. It is important to watch them and then read their own opinions of themselves as being effective and powerful. As was discussed recently in another thread here (with other videos) all you have to do is watch the level of attacks and what happens next. Most often we are not alone when we sit at home and watch and go ..."What?"
Sometime's it's hard to offer any credibility to those offering discussion and talking points here about ki or aiki, and effective power with the level of competence displayed in some of the videos people keep putting up. It is stridently clear that their theories, and their imagined skills level do not do well under scrutiny. It is very damaging for the reputation of the arts for people to let these things go. Clarity and honest evaluation helps us all.
Oh well

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