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Ah, 'tis so good to be in the company of people concerned with courtesy. In case any one else has noticed too, we're in a society(American) that is tragically short on politeness and courtesy.
Well, if you'd just post where you live, I'll make sure to stay away from that area. (Just to be clear, this sentence is meant in jest.)

I find that where I am now (WV), there's a good bit of politeness and courtesy. So, no, I guess i haven't noticed. Let me give you some examples.

If there's construction or an accident where one lane of two is closed, we all get into that one lane about 1-2 miles before it closes. The only people you see rushing up to the closure point and trying to horn in are out-of-state people.

People here will come to a dead stop on a road, no matter who's behind them, and let someone on a side road out.

We wave at strangers. Strangers will say hello to you.

If someone bumps into your cart at WalMart, they'll say excuse me.

When a traffic light goes green, no one blows their horn (If they do, they're from out of state). That light will turn red again and still no one will blow their horn. Instead, people will get out and check on the person in the lead vehicle to make sure they are okay.

You'll see people hold the door open for other people (and not just for women).

Course, we get called all sorts of names like redneck, hillbilly, and backwoods hick. But, really, they're just words and I wouldn't trade the civility, courtesy, and politeness here just to move to a place where I'd get called progressive, intelligent, or liberal and yet find a great lack of civility, courtesy, and politeness.

But that's me.


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