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Re: Who's missing out? (On "Promotion and advertising" rhetoric)

Mark Murray wrote: View Post
Let's go back to your original post where you stated:

"Promotion and advertising. It appears to me that a lot of what's being talked about Aikido or Aiki wise has degraded into advertising..."

So, who is doing the degrading advertising if everyone on this forum is a nice and helpful person?

Then you go on to say, "The message given by such advertising is that you are missing out, that you must have and if you don't then you are wrong or less than."

So, who is not being helpful by stating that others are "missing out" and are "wrong or less than" if, as you state now, everyone is nice and helpful?

Not according to your original post, where you stated, "Promotion and advertising. It appears to me that a lot of what's being talked about Aikido or Aiki wise has degraded into advertising..."

and, "Promotion......ahh, gone are the days so it seems where one just promotes what he is doing, happy for those who want to do likewise and happy for those who don't." Obviously, these degrading salesmen are using the bad kind of advertising and promotion.

So, you just called me a pressure salesmen, which you then state does not operate from the budo of love.

Now, tell me again, how you think everyone here is nice and helpful?

This is your normal passive aggressive behaviour. You use veiled insults and then when you're called on them, you completely turn around and try to state just the opposite. You're not going to answer the questions, are you?

Nice. Thank you. As I pointed out and once again demonstrated above by you, it seems you find it very difficult not to insult. I do hope you get over that difficulty for the sake of better discussions.

The two sentences you keep repeating (above) and say I must 'point to people' shows me you have trouble with them. I wonder why?

I can tell you again and again and again if you like until you get it. No problem.

I do mention 'bad advertising' but not bad promotion by the way.

Do you know what a sentence is? Do you know it's an idea expressed in words?

So the first ideas mention 'bad' advertising. So if you can see that then we have a start from which to progress. We can progress onto the next ideas, in sequence, and build an overall concept and understanding.

You see, as you progress onto subsequent ideas you then discover that the word salesman is used and the principles of the salesman are emphasized. Only then can you string these ideas together and see what bad advertizing means advertising containing those principles used by the salesman. So aha! Attention goes to wow, what are these principles that salesmen use?

Ahhhhh, we have found the center, the core of this overall concept.....negative sales principles.

So we progress but we have new questions arising in our mind. "Why is this guy talking about this?"

Now if we have new questions forming we must admit there's something we don't understand. We don't fully understand. That's the process, that's intelligence at work.

So we progress forward and find it's a matter of first looking at the principles 'bad' or pressure salesmen use and then discovering where else those same principles are used 'outside' of the thing called salesman.

"Oh I see, so he's not saying anyone is a salesman, he's being philosophical, it's an analogy. Wow, what a fool I've been, I thought he was being literal. Come to think of it this guy always tells us he teaches only principles, he's always talking about the philosophy and principles,"

And son and so forth.....

Of course you would have to admit a fundamental thing first which is the writer (me) understands what he said and you don't. That's fundamental. That's beginners mind. Beyond that all you have is conjecture, assumption, opinion. Beginners mind, what a lovely thing.

Now finally you actually ask me to do a good thing, a positive tell you again how I think everyone here is nice and helpful. I love it. I would love to do it too. I might even start a thread with that as the title there's so much to say. What a great question. You really are tempting me to answer that one. To point fingers in a positive way. Ask me again and I think the temptation will be too much and I would have to answer it and point fingers and probably fill up a whole page at least, maybe a book. Woahhhhhhh....slow down G. Ha, ha.

Remember "He who points at someone has three fingers pointing back at himself"