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Losing grip during katate dori

As you read this, bear in mind that I only have two training sessions under my belt, so if this is something I need to learn with time, I'll understand.

When I am uke during katate dori, I try to maintain a firm, sturdy grip on nage's wrist while keeping my elbows and shoulders relaxed, only letting go in cooperation with the technique (when it's time to ukemi). A couple students I have practiced with have complimented me on this. However, a common problem I experience when I am nage is that uke's grip sometimes slips just before the technique is actually complete (when they still could regain their center). They still fall in cooperation.

I usually attribute this to sweaty hands on sweaty wrists, but if that was the case, I would be losing my grip as well. As an uke should I keep a slightly looser grip, or as a nage should I ask my uke to tighten their grip on my wrist?

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