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Re: I can't seem to keep my clothes on!

haha ... this thread is very entertaining ... cause i do most of those things. Since day one at the dojo I have always chosen undies very carefully so as not to show through my gi pants AND so as to not ride in places I'd rather they not be ... doesn't feel good to have undies BETWEEN you bum instead of supporting your derriere .... and then you continue to train and all you can think of is "I have to get these things out of my butt soon or i am gonna freak" ... I must add here that I do not wear any panties whose purpose is to remain between my bum cheeks ... I go for comfort and cute soooooo, here is the second part of my experience. I recently (about 2 months ago) went to the dojo and got changed only to realize that I forgot to take spare "aikido" undies. All I had on was little pink low rise "boy cut" style undies completely adorned with little monkeys ... I was like "holy shit ... this is gonna show BIG TIME!!!" ... haha ... I am the only girl in my dojo and ofcourse the guys noticed ... I was like "whatever ... I forgot my aikido undies" ... we kinda laughed it off ... but they could definately tell there were little monkeys on my undies ... oh goodness ... only me!! LOL


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