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Re: Aikido vs....

To clarify: nage's hands are at his (nage's) own chest, not way up in the air. Also the MMA guy is always overbalanced/off-balanced foward when they punch from the full mount. I am well aware of how the mount works and how MMA operates, been there done that. It can be done, but you have to remember the rules for doing any technique, particularly 1. Create one heck of an offset- take the wrist/fist coming at you and direct it as far across uke's body as possbile, try to make it contact the floor outside the line of your shoulder 2. Keep it fluid - bringing the arm that far across his body releases the pressure on yours so that if you roll/bridge (do not shirmp or it will not work) with uke's arm (which should be fully extended) and body (offset already) lateral resistance is almost nullified. 3. Lock Uke up NOW - if you are dealing with someone who managed to get you on the ground and mount you he is dangerous and has some experience on the ground, you cannot afford to be nice or peaceful, put on that ikkyo until his arm is about to break and he ceases all movement -- he stops or loses his arm

This is not by any means meant to be a defenative way to slap ikkyo on a MMA/BJJ person at all. It is just a simple drill to help someone learn to apply ikkyo on the ground and learn the principles of motion on the ground and where the energy is. This is just like the armbar from the guard that they teach you when you start BJJ or ikkyo when you start Aikido. I've seen plenty of armbars from the guard exactly as taught to the beginner. As I said, try it with a partner in a cooperative atmosphere and see what you think, dont knock it until you have tried it.
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