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Re: The Founder's Teaching Ability

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Hello All,

IMO, it's important to keep in mind, that ALL the great men mentioned in this thread are in the end simply men. Takeda, Ueshiba, Shioda, Horikawa, Shirata, Sagawa, Hisa...I could go on. They are all a great inspiration of what to strive for in our training. To me all the great research from AJ, HIPS, recent blog posts...etc, clearly show this. It also reminds me that they are men with many good points and others not so good. Not one perfect. So for me, it's important to keep this in mind otherwise things might become clouded. No Kami here, just great Budoka.

So as far as Ueshiba's teaching ability seems to me, he emulated his teacher. The one who opened his eyes to true budo. Good or bad, just reality. But worthy of looking to for direction in our own training. Thanks.


PS Thank you to all those mentioned above. Thanks for All the great reasearch, information, and inspiration.
We also need to remember with Ueshiba, we had Mochizuki, Shirata, Shioda, and others.
Takeda, Sagawa, Kodo, Hisa and Ueshiba were, in many ways from a culture and era that most of us would never understand how to function in. There standards and norms, and what was and was not expected of them were not ours.
RE edit: Thanks Jun!!!
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