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Re: The Founder's Teaching Ability

Jackie Adams wrote: View Post
"I was very lucky O-Sensei taught me thoroughly in detail, and I'm following his example."
-Morihiro Saito

This speaks for it's self. There is so much praise by those the Founder taught, on how well he taught and how inspiring he was.

I didn't realize that until I entered this discussion. I think knowing how well of a teacher the Founder was has been very well establish, that he didn't keep any goods to himself. Questioning the Founders teaching abilities and character is plain silly.

I want to thank everyone for enriching my knowledge and appreciation of Aikido through this discussion.
Hi Jackie, I hope you are also having a wonderful day as you wish us all. From an objective point of view, it appears to me your posts are very authoritative in context without much reference to facts. However, the majority of your positions appear to conflict with a lot of facts that have been very thoroughly discussed in many other threads in this forum as well as others. A few of the people you have engaged are very familiar with those other posts due to their intimate involvement with them. As has been suggested, I believe much more research on the topics you have been discussing would be very beneficial to any further engagements you wish to pursue in this area.

As far as the Topic of the Founder's Teaching ability? well, it has long been my opinion that he really did not have much, nor did he care - IMO, his main approach was in using students as training partners to further his learning, and if any of them picked anything up, he helped them to the extent that they could comprehend and develop themselves - he just did not have a mission to teach; if he did, there would be students of his that had his level of skill. This is very evident once you have felt someone with true Aiki - a few seconds of contact speaks volumes of what really is.

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