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Re: The Founder's Teaching Ability

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Teachers are frequently assessed by their ability to transfer information. This ability is typically assessed by the degree to which their students can demonstrate the knowledge/abilities/information learned. Using that as a measure, O'Sensei did not have good teaching abilities. His own students frequently commented on how difficult it was to learn from him. This pattern appeared to be made worse by a significantly lessened involvement in teaching Aikido after WWII. He appeared to be following his own unique path and shared what he did when others were around him. This is very different than someone who is simply dedicated to teaching others. In my opinion, you seem to be idolizing O'Sensei.

Marc Abrams
Agreed. Using todays model in education, where there is a current push to make teachers more accountable for the results of their class(results oriented teaching and or the military model, which not everyone is really cut out for, so you dont join silly) makes little sense to pursue, unless you are trying hold a man dead for forty years accountable for something. The teacher/student relationship is currently not balanced, teachers, rules and regulations and testing is being further pushed into lives whether it is needed or not, somwhere around 70/30 or at the least 60/40 , teacher giving more to student than student requires. Success if often increased and seen by a student who is somehow being held to account for his actions or "hunger" for learning or lack there of. Not rare but not the majority are actually happy coming to school for a multitude of reasons. Survival is usually not one of the reasons, but it certainly played a role in Takeda's education and upbringing as well as the founder's and therefore creates a whole different paradigm of priorities.
So was an intellectual trail created by Ueshiba to follow for the logical progression of the Western or Eastern mind to follow? Again O'Sensei didnt say do A followed by BCD and you will arive at E like me or make it into a compound formula or intellectual trail over and over again..
Leading by example which is a whole different teaching paradigm, and the harder this student looks(hunger), I find that he did say do A and BCD and even E and even what they were, so on that part of it , teaching by example, or leading by example, there is success. Because we/I are starting to make the trail again for ourselves following his example.

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